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childfree crafts
This community is for childfree crafters. Please acquaint yourself with what the term "childfree" means before you apply to join this community. If you don't have children now, but plan on having children in the future, we do not consider you to be childfree. Please bear this in mind before you apply to join.

Also, read this before clicking the "apply to join" button.

We look at the user info of each person who applies to join this comm. If you don't have childfree as an interest, or if your journal looks like it may be a selling journal, it is up to you to clarify/correct this BEFORE you apply to join the comm.

Seriously, people. Read The Fucking Manual. If you apply to join and don't meet the criteria for membership, your application is going to be denied. The criteria is as follows:

1. Member of a childfree community

2. Lists childfree as an interest (this can be either/or with criteria 1)

3. Not a commercial/selling journal

That's it. Those have always been the criteria for membership, and they're not changing any time soon.

All types of crafts and craft discussions are welcome here. We expect the discussions to be kept civil and as drama-free as possible, for the enjoyment of all posters.

Your admin, lovely hostess, and resident scarf jewelry whore is auronsgirl. Mr. Congeniality and Evil Mod is played by a dashing hisgrouchyness. If you've got questions, we're the ones you ask.

Introduction posts are fine, spamming is not. If I or the mods judge your post to be a spam post, you'll get one chance to fix the problem.

Selling posts are tolerated to an extent, but the primary purpose of this community is not as a marketplace. Trades and sales between posters to the community are at each party's own risk.

That said, all members can and should feel free to post a link to their Etsy, Ebay or other selling venture in a single post. (In other words, don't post every time you make a listing to your store) An "Etsy" tag is currently in use in the comm, you are definitely encouraged to make use of it. The admin/mods will add those posts to the Memories section so people can reference back to them.

Requesting copies of copyright protected patterns earn you a banning, no ifs, ands, or buts. If you wish to share a pattern of your own design, feel free to do so, but please put lengthy patterns behind a cut.

If you have large or multiple pictures in your post, please be courteous and put them behind a cut.

And now to the "piss off" part of the comm rules. Everyone buckled in? Then here we go:

Parent crafters are not welcome to post here. AT. ALL. Period, end of sentence. It's not because any person in this comm hates parents, but this is the childfree crafts community for a reason. Not every crafter enjoys making baby things (though some of us do), and not every crafter has kids or wants kids. This is our place, one small place out of the many craft communities on the 'net, and it's going to stay that way. There are literally thousands of parent-friendly craft sites available, and a quick email to the admin or mods will get you a courteous reply telling you where to find them.

If you have questions on whether or not you would be welcome to this comm, please review the post here.

Drama queen exits will be mocked accordingly.

Finally, I shouldn't have to say this, but apparently I do: Don't go into people's personal journals unless you are invited. If members have a problem here, it stays here. If you troll a comm member's journal, you're out.

These rules are simply a preliminary list, and I'm sure they will grow and evolve as this community grows and evolves. We hope everyone enjoys themselves and we wish you happy childfree crafting!