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Nov. 26th, 2010


P - I - M - P

Pimpety pimpety

I've been working on a bunch of scarves made from fun yarns to add to my shop for the holiday season. However I have lots of beady stuff and sewing stuff and knit and crochet stuff and cake decorating stuff in the shop as well.


Examples of the scarves I just put inCollapse )

Nov. 18th, 2010


Food crafts

xposted from my journal

Yes, it took over 7 hours. Though to be fair, during the actual baking time I was also completely reorganizing the pantry.

You'd better damn well believe that if I choose to do this again, it will be done a different way. [FWIW, there were over 4 dozen cupcakes, and most of them did end up with some frosting of some sort, though not all this involved. And two different types of bars and some banana muffins. DH has his departments potluck tomorrow, see.]

Ok, obviously the context is set by the turkeys, without which it would look pretty awful.


Short description:

Turkeys: Done in style described in What's New Cupcake?; caramel "skin" over icing, caramel over cracker stick, granola "stuffing", cornflake "lettuce". If there is ever a next time, it's all going to be brown frosting. None of this !@#$!@#$@# caramel crap, even if I find Wrapples.

Mashed potatoes & butter: White icing, lemon tootsie roll cut in half and slightly flattened.

Sweet potatoes: Orange icing with marshmallows. If I hadn't been completely sick of everything I might have put the marshmallows on a non-stick surface, broiled them just a tad, and then slid them on. But the way things were going......

Cranberry sauce: Strawberry jam with dried cranberries.

Seriously, *everything* else took the same amount of time as doing one !#@$@#%@# turkey did.

And the photo is more flattering than reality, IMO.

Aug. 26th, 2010



Since AG won't link to sparklies (we are talking *serious* sparklies here) until someone else goes....

I have a bit of everything hodgepodge. Some sparkly, some sewn, some materials to make your own, tons of patterns, and a few other things. I ship quickly if you need it soon.



Pimp My Shop!

Although the main goal of this community is not as a sales venue, I know that quite a lot of you have Etsy, Artfire or other online shops, and I'm sure just as many would love to know and mark shops run by fellow CF folks.

So let's have it! Make a post (as in ONE post) with a link to your shop, a brief description of what you sell, and any sales you've got going right now. Use the "pimpmyshop" tag and let us know where to find your CF-crafty goodness!

Aug. 14th, 2010


Step 2

I last posted ten 8" squares with clip art line drawings of sewing-related implements for this project. Those are to frame this center panel, a heat-transfer image on a panel that is about 19"x26", in the same approximate style. Again, not yet de-fuzzed or pressed.


This was done the same way as the smaller panels -- mostly backstitch with some other stitches thrown in on the bleached muslin backed with interfacing.

Given the end application -- in a quilt -- I definitely like the use of the interfacing. It eliminates the need for hooping, keeps the fabric relatively crease-free, and does a lovely job of hiding the black-thread-under-white-fabric show-through that would otherwise be pretty awful.

The original pattern came from the heat transfer project packet, which had the large main image set into a wall quilt with pieced flying geese framing it (black and white fabrics).

Instead, I hope to frame the panel with the smaller clip art squares (still not sure if I need two more, or what the theme of them should be if I do as those 10 seem to cover it pretty well) and therefore need sashing as well as borders around all these pieces.

My current idea is to give the impression of pieced quilting by using blackwork fill patterns in shapes that imitate patchwork along long sashing strips. I have amassed a fair collection of blackwork fill patterns to use as inspirations. Modern blackwork does use the techniques of stitch density to create shading, so equivalents of patchwork contrast is theoretically possible. The question is how to best work it.

At the very beginning I did assume I would use actual patchwork piecing of quilt fabrics as the setting, so all these separate panels make sense in that context. The newer idea of using blackwork sashing between would have been better worked in a wholecloth method as now I will have seam allowance problems. So we'll see if I end up going back to my original patchwork idea.

Indeed, I can probably get one more heat transfer from the design and the others were traced clip art anyway, so maybe I could change tactics if I really wanted to and do both a patchwork and wholecloth method.

Jul. 24th, 2010


Step 1

Project started. It will eventually be a quilt. Wall quilt or useful quilt, not sure, but... well... let's face it: white, 3 cats -- there are limits to a useful quilt when laundering due to hairballs is frequent. And embroidery is not the most laundry-friendly medium.

Picture of first stepCollapse )

Jul. 22nd, 2010


Suggestions for metal to metal fastening?

I was so proud of myself for figuring out so quickly what the problem with the customer's zipper was. The opening at the 'free' side of the slide had been pinched. A quick session with a flat head screwdriver and needle nose pliers fixed that right up. No need to sew in a new zipper!!!!!!

Except that the little telephone-receiver-shaped part holding the zipper pull, and a little teeny tiny itty bitty wishbone thing inside that helps it operate became uncoupled in the process. I've gotten them back together, obviously, but the parts will not remain seated now that the crimping has been compromised.

I think I have some E6000 somewhere, and some superglue, but if anyone has any better suggestions for metal-to-metal so I don't have to replace the zipper just because of this .....



Jul. 21st, 2010



My Pink Ruffle Ring

There's a bracelet kit on Fusion Beads that I really liked, so I decided to *ahem* appropriate it for a ring.

It's bright raspberry pink and black, two of my favorite colors.

Jun. 25th, 2010


practical project

No, not doing all that much craftlike because I'm very very very busy with other things. But this was a bit of a necessity. Sort of.

I had a party recently that used my warming tray -- thus:


In fact, I needed several crock pots, my warming tray, AND the identical warming tray I had given my sister-in-law last year. As my in-laws dragged hers inside in pieces, I noted it was rather a PITA to cart the thing about.

Clearly, a carrier was needed.Collapse )

May. 3rd, 2010


Crafty things

I sooooo wish I were crafty. I love to look at crafty sites and long to try some of the ideas I find there.

behind a cut - no pics just text!Collapse )

xposted to my LJ and to cf_crafts

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