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Just me and the crickets

I actually finished something so I'm celebrating. A little clutch with sparkly thread accents.


It was actually a panel made for part of a bobbin work machine class and I hate to throw away materials if there's any way around it.

Bobbin work means winding a machine bobbin with a decorative thread that is too thick to use through the needle on top, then sewing the project upside down so the decorative thread is caught by the needle thread and forms the stitches on what will be the right side of the project. It does require a bit of testing and practice to get the tension settings and stitch choices right since all the results are hidden, but it is an interesting technique. It can provide more detail than couching, for instance.

Anyway, I did the sample panel then had to come up with a project. So I made a clutch and after a great deal of dithering I used the little i-cord gadget to wind off a cord in the same thread so that I could couch it to the edges and flap of the clutch plus make a handle. The cord pulled thin and felt flimsy so I actually made more i-cord and threaded one cord inside the other to reinforce the handle. It worked very nicely since it's all matching thread, giving it enough extra bulk that I think it will hold up.


Brava! I have always been much too timid to try bobbin work. Nice job!
HV sells a Specialty Bobbin Case, which I did get, that not only is a different color than the regular one so you can tell it apart, and therefore no need to change the screw settings on your REAL bobbin case, but it also has a slot in the back for additional ways to try different tension options for the thread. Kind of neat, though perhaps more fiddly than I'll want to use much.
Gorgeous! I've never heard of bobbin work before but now I'm tempted to see if I can find a class around here.

October 2011

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